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Hi, I’m Henry Shapiro the creator of the Retired Excited website and podcast. If you are about to retire, just retired, or reckon you’re never going to retire, you have come to the right place.

I created this site because I know a number of people, nearing retirement who are really scared of what lays ahead. They look at the statistics and realise they probably have another twenty years to live, and no idea of what to do.

The average life expectancy for men is about 80 years, and women 84, which means half of us going to live longer than this, and the other half … not. If you would like to look it up, here is an interesting resource : www.worldlifeexpectancy.com/your-life-expectancy-by-age

My attitude is that retirement is simply another phase of life, just like your school years, or your working years, to be treasured and enjoyed to the max.

What To Expect


This is the website behind the Retired Excited podcast which is published weekly. In each episode I interview someone with a meaningful story of how they are spending their retirement years. Some are birdwatchers, some volunteer in their community, but they have all found joy and fulfillment.

A few of the episodes are probably required listening to get a overview of how the podcasts are going to roll.

Stepping Into The Unknown Creating Retired Excited This first shaky episode sets the scene and explains a bit about the objectives of the podcast .

Taking A Chance Later In Life Here is a good example of the type of content I am going to deliver for you. Discussions with interesting people about their passions, their lives, and how they enjoy their days.

Five Basics Of Finance That Are Non-Negotiable This episode is one of only two in which I intend to talk about finance. There is lots of information on the internet about finances but I think those websites miss out on the most important thing about retirement. The really important things are, how we live our lives, how we relate to our community, our friends and our family.

If You Think He Is A Fanatic You Are Probably Correct I include this as required listening because despite the fact my guest is facing an extremely serious health challenge, he was voted the happiest patient his nurse had ever met. Have a listen and I am sure you will agree.


When interviewees mention particular books, websites or other resources, I attempt to put them on the individual podcast page, so you don’t have to grope for a pen while driving or walking. You can follow up when you like.

I Appreciate You

I mentioned in the first episode that creating this podcast and website is way out of my comfort zone. But it is a pleasure to be able to learn new skills, meet super interesting people, and try to add value for the listeners.

So I absolutely appreciate you being here, listening to the pods, and providing feedback on this site and the episodes I publish. I love reading your comments, and will reply to any emails you send. My belief is that I am here to serve you, so I will try my utmost to make good any requests for information, topics or guest you send me. Just click to the Contact page and give me your thoughts.



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