Judith French :

Everyone loves kittens and puppies .. right. But how many owners spend the hours necessary to properly train their pet to keep it safe, and so it doesn’t annoy neighbours and wildlife. Judith French does. And she accomplishes much much more with her Papillon dogs. Prepare to be surprised. It is obvious that she loves her animals, not as substitute people, but for their own characteristics and personalities.

Judith grew up in a family which bred and showed animals, so the show ring was like home to her. Over the years she has bred champion cats and dogs, showing them with success all round Australia. But over the years her interests and passions have changed.

Why, you ask. Well it seems that she has lost some respect for the ‘show’ crowd, and now seems more at home with the ‘performance’ dog owners. In this interview Judith gives examples of incidents which have turned her attention away from the show ring. I hope I am not giving the wrong impression here, Judith absolutely believes in breeding exceptional animals. But it seems to be a personal challenge for excellence, more than a quest for recognition and accolades.

Speaking of performance, Judith enlightens me about the fantastic feats even small breeds of dog can accomplish. I am not going to give away the plot here, you are going to have to listen, but I guarantee you will be impressed.

So, in this interview we discuss various breeds of dogs and cats she has raised, the Papillons she has now, the requirements necessary to register a dog, training methods, breeders of registered dogs as well as puppy farmers. And we spend some time on the joyful activities dog owners can engage in, whether it is a pure bred or not. In short, we cover a broad spectrum of the canine world.

Judith mentions a website during our discussion where genuine breeders can be found. It is a valuable resource for information, and to find a pure bred puppies. The site is dogzonline.com.au and the following link will take you directly to Judith’s contact page. As you will see, the stud is name is Watermill.


I know many of you have pets. Tell us how you trained your pet by leaving a comment in the reply box below. If you have any special techniques, let us know. They may help another listener to this show.

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  • Diane Lawrence says:

    I really enjoyed the interview with Judith. I learnt more things about Judith which I had not heard before even though we have been good friends for 25 years.
    Retirement is about doing lots of “stuff” that you did not have the time to fit into a busy schedule before. Once you retire you also have a better feel for what you want to do and hopefully the health to go out and do it.

    • Henry says:

      Thanks for the comment.

      You are right Diane. Not only do you have the time and hopefully the health to do “stuff”, but also the life experience to know what is important and what isn’t really a priority.

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