Margaret Cook :

This story is about endeavour, entrepreneurship, learning, and applying knowledge in the most practical way. Margaret has succeeded at developing and implementing a host of skills over the years, the latest being the establishment of a cafe in her newly renovated shop.

From starting life in a caravan early in her marriage, Margaret has moved through learning and applying a host of skills. Her latest venture is the creation of a cafe in her home town. This is a fascinating story of someone not afraid to follow her own path, not afraid to put in the time to learn, and not afraid to back herself in starting new ventures.

Her interest in renovating furniture led to buying a rundown store and fitting it out to sell her creations. Later the store became the catalyst for further study and a hairdressing career. Then moving forward through life Margaret again put in the time to study and became an accredited massage therapist. She has renovated properties, and now is the proud owner of ‘Antiques and Coffee’ in Lismore.  As an aside, Margaret is fanatical about the quality of her coffee, try it, you will not find better.

Here we discuss her life, her family, and in particular the intricacies of setting up a food service business in rural Victoria. Considerations such as the Council requirements, deciding on the menu, selecting which clientele she wanted to attract, the competition and a host of other matters large and small.

Margaret mentions she received inspiration from a book titled ‘The Life You Are Born To Live’ by Dan Millman. Click on the title to view the book. In her case the advice was that she would make ‘good of bad’, and when you look at her achievements, that is exactly the path she has followed. Restoring furniture, massaging injured bodies and renovating houses, it all makes sense in that context.

As you listen to the show, perhaps you could zero in on the qualities Margaret displays, and why she has selected and been successful at the various enterprises. Let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment in the Reply box below.

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