A Bit About Me

Hi I’m Henry,

I am a sixty eight year old retiree who isn’t interested in stopping life just because I have stopped full time work. I am married, have two adult children, and two young grandchildren affectionately known by me as as the terrorists.  (If you have young grandchildren you may know what I mean.)

I live in a  south east suburb of Melbourne, Australia, in an ordinary house, drive an ordinary car, and love riding motorbikes.

I guess I was ahead of my time, because young ones these days are expected to have a number of careers throughout their working life.  Well I have changed my career a number of times, probably because I need a new challenge every now and then.  So at various times I have worked in an architect’s practice, owned retail stores, been involved in the political process, worked as a building project manager, and owned a farm in rural Victoria

People live by various philosophies throughout their life.  Some consider life a challenge, some a feast to be gobbled up, some a struggle.  I don’t by any means want to downplay the over-riding influence of circumstance in our travel through the years, but my philosophy is that I consider life an opportunity.  Opportunity to explore new things, have new experiences, be useful, add value, and help or support people I may or may not know personally.

So that has led me to the genesis of “Retired Excited”.  An opportunity to learn about technology, and provide inspiration for nearly retired, newly retired and never going to retire folks.



Together with my wife SWMBO.  (She Who Must Be Obeyed.)

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