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This show is about a regular couple who raised a large family, and looked forward to a retirement of travel and helping others.  Let’s see how it turned out.

Keith has passed on now, but he understood early that he wanted to do volunteering when he finished work, and he found an activity which suited him perfectly.  As well as that activity they both became “meals on wheels” volunteers, which involves delivering meals to elderly or incapacitated folk in their community.  Even though Keith is no longer with her, Rosemary continues “meals on wheels” with the help of her daughters, not because she feels obligated, but because she loves it.

I think it is during this part of the interview that Rosemary’s humble nature and basic humanity shines through.

In anticipating their retirement Keith and Rosemary did the necessary financial planning, and were then able to base their travel plans around a long term plan.  They drove with a caravan to almost every part of Australia, loved it, and made firm and lasting friendships along the road.

If you are interested in “Meals On Wheels” this service is now run by local Councils, so just ring the closest Council Office, and they will get you organized.  You will find information about caravans all over the internet and easy to access, as well you will be able to find many specialist caravan magazines in bookshops and newsagents.  There are also lots of forums and websites about the best caravan parks, or where to find free camping locations.

A great take away I got from the interview was when Rosemary said, “In life there are going to be hiccups.  You just need to get over them”.

If you are, or have been, a “meals on wheels” volunteer let me know what you thought about it by leaving a comment in the box below, or contact me directly at :

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  • Cathy says:

    Gosh Henry.. What a wonderful interview… Rosemaray is truly amazing..and lucky to have such wonderful daughters …

  • Virginia says:

    Great interview with some great tips from someone whose always enjoyed life.

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