Philip Jackson :

If you are going to retire, try and go in style.  Philip liked it so much he retired twice.  He is an avid bird watcher, or twitcher and that is what he had planned to do in retirement.

So we talk about how he managed his retirements, how he supplements his income, and why he supplements his income now he has left full time work.

Bird watching is an interesting hobby in that it can be pursued by newbies and experienced birders with equal delight. You don’t need to be fit, handsome or beautiful, wealthy or have an exceptional IQ to enjoy the hunt.  It is truly an activity for all ages, sexes and variety of people.

Philip introduces us to the resources he uses to locate specific species, and the cataloguing which he enjoys but is not mandatory to the hobby.

Bird watching seems compatible with a great number of other activities which birders often run simultaneously.  Camping and photography are the two obvious ones, but some people come to the hobby from simply keeping a couple of pet budgies and developing the interest from there.

Within the interview Philip recommends a book for people interested in Australian history, but cannot quite remember the title.  It is ‘Lost Relations: Fortunes Of My Family In Australia’s Golden Age’ by Graeme Hewett, published by Allen & Unwin.

He also mentions a number of books which would be useful for folk wanting to follow this up.  Here are two of them :

‘The Field Guide to the Birds of Australia’ by Graeme Pizzey and Frank Knight

‘Field Guide to Australian Birds’ by Michael Morecombe.

Being familiar with searching the internet is a major advantage when looking for information, but definitely not essential.  There was life on earth before the net after all.

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