George Young :

The need to learn handyman skills to fix up his own house led George to a lifelong interest in woodworking.

We trace his life in Scotland and England leading to a  carefully planned emigration to Australia to fit in with his retirement plans.

On reaching Australia he quickly re-established his love of woodworking by discovering a local wood workers club, and becoming enmeshed in its culture and community.  The club seems to have provided a backstop to his life here, so in the introduction to this podcast I ask that you listen carefully to the influence it has had on his later years.

The Berwick Wood Workers Club, I suspect like many others, is open to all men and women who agree to abide by the rules and have skills or wish to learn skills.  Members help newcomers, and George is very proud that a young man they taught and supported went on to become ‘apprentice of the year’ in Victoria.

At one point, which I have edited out, I asked George if there had been any trouble in the club.  He replied that they had had a problem with some ‘immigrants’.  I thought … here we go, I am in for a rant about Asians or Muslims this being early 2016.  But no, he said that a few Irish folk had been a bit difficult!!  Given that he is a Scotsman old rivalries die hard.

I hope you enjoy is interview, George speaks deliberately and quite slowly, but always from the heart.

If you have an interest I am sure you will find a woodworking club reasonably close by checking the telephone book or searching the internet.  I put ‘woodworking club and my suburb’ into Google and found a couple.  The more modern equivalent to these clubs seems to be the current spread of ‘Men’s Sheds’, but I do not know whether they allow women members.  A pity if they don’t.

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