Peter and Barbara :

This couple have lived life on their own terms.  Despite very different personalities they both have a deep commitment to their community and supporting others where they can.

Peter and Barbara are both confident and competent individuals who do not shrink from taking the lead in activities if they see the need to get things done.  One of their strengths is that they work as a team, complimenting their strengths.  Peter is a meticulous planner whereas Barbara seems content to ‘go with the flow’.

We learn about the personal and community projects they undertake and the rationale they have for the life path they have chosen.  Listen carefully and you will easily identify those issues and activities which are the important stuff in everyone’s lives.  The things that bring joy, happiness and contentment.

Toward the end of the interview Barbara and I discuss how she is able to source funding for the various community projects she has had an involvement with.  She recommends that folks Google ‘grants’ on the internet.  I would add to this to attach the purpose of the grant.  So search ‘health grant’ or ‘sports grant’ and you will find a mass of information.

You could also delve into these two websites :

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