Arthur Dubery :

People say golf is a mental game. Arthur loves the benefits of golf, and agrees it is a game you play against yourself and the course as much as against your playing partners.

Arthur Dubery emigrated to Australia from South Africa, and you are going to be mighty impressed with a number of things about him. He has shown unbelievable resilience despite a number of setbacks, and his forward thinking and planning is an object lesson to us all.

On arriving in Australia he found it difficult to find a job despite being highly qualified and having a mountain of industry experience. But rather than complain, he retrained till he found a profession he could engage with. And, as he says, it now pays the bills.

But back to golf. Arthur left his friends and contacts in South Africa, but found a new circle of people through his love of golf. He mentions again and again the community, the friends and the comradeship he enjoys with other golfers, and the delight he feels that his wife is also able to be involved in a shared interest.

The club of which he is a member seems ideally suited to retirees, as it is reasonably flat and easy to manage. It has social events ideal for part time as well as serious golfers and it welcomes new players.

Here we talk about all aspects of the game, including the clothing, the equipment, the costs, and importantly the handicap system. By having a playing handicap figure, every player has an equal chance of winning both serious and social competitions. As Arthur says, he could play Adam Scott, with a fair chance of winning on the day.

Toward the end of the discussion we summarize the benefits of being a golfer, and it adds up to a very impressive list. Listen in, and I will talk more about the positives after the interview.

If you would like more information about Arthur’s golf course it can be found at   There are a huge number of websites on the internet about golf. For specific information you can search for golf courses, golf lessons, golfing equipment , etc. etc., and you will be overwhelmed with information.

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