Raoul Wynn :

It is not often that anyone maintains a hobby for over sixty years. There are not many hobbies that can maintain your interest for over sixty years. Raoul has constructed and flown model planes since he was eight years old, and the passion still burns just as bright.

In this episode we talk about the hobby or sport of model aeroplanes, but I spend some time initially talking about Raoul’s pathway to retirement. Raoul was a very senior executive at Telstra and you will recognise why he held that position as we get into the discussion. Here is a clue … he planned for his retirement ten years in advance.

More particularly about aero modelling, Raoul describes the varied aspects of the sport, his love of building and flying the aircraft and the satisfaction of flying a plane he has built himself. We go into the technology involved in modern planes, the costs to get started and the benefits of this activity, particularly for retired people.

Model airplanes range from simple free flight gliders and combat control line planes, to radio controlled sports models and incredible replicas of actual airliners and war planes. To get some idea of the amazing variety of planes have a look at the Facebook page of the MAAA or Model Aeronautical Association of Australia. Here is the link to the MAAA page. The club’s website is at maaa.asn.au

During our discussion Raoul mentions VARMS, the club he was a member of in Melbourne. This club specialises in all aspects of model gliders, and can be found online at varms.org.au You can also check out the VMAA or Victorian Model Aeronautical Association at vmaa.com.au All these sites have links to further information. And if you search ‘model aircraft’ on the net and you will be inundated with information.

I thought it would be interesting to post this YouTube link for you as it shows the astoundingly inexpensive (in my opinion) technology available to anyone right off the shelf. This is a video of a small radio controlled plane which has panic features, features which prevent it flying out of radio range, and an automatic landing sequence if you get into trouble. All that for $170 USD on Amazon. Here is the link to Amazon.

The pictures on the right give you a small idea of the range of models that enthusiasts are building.

As you can see I am impressed with aero modelling as a hobby. Let me know what you think. Leave a comment in the reply box, and don’t forget to click ‘share’ at the bottom of the page.

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