Betty Anderson :

I think our guest has discovered the perfect activity for people of any age. It combines exercise, companionship, memory training, music and it is addictive … in a good way.

Betty absolutely loves line dancing. She started to learn after she retired and was soon dancing seven and eight times a week. It is an great activity for retirees, and if you think age is going to stop you, just listen and work out Betty’s age as we go along.

In this discussion we talk about how to get started, where to learn the steps, the similarity to ball room dancing (that shocked me) and much much more. Line dancing, or boot scooting as it is sometimes called used to involve cowboy hats, jeans and big belt buckles, but not any more. Dress is casual, and anyone can get involved.

Another point Betty raised which I hadn’t considered is that line dancing is a social activity which is ideal for single people. So ladies, if you have a partner who is resistant, just go by yourself, Betty did and she is still hooked twenty years later.

Anyone can learn the basics from the myriad of terrific clips on Youtube, or you can be assured that everyone had to learn at the start, and there are beginners classes everywhere.  Simply check the internet.

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