Dorothy Wright :

There is something heartwarming about walking in to a room to find a bunch of women sewing, laughing, talking and enjoying each others company.  Maybe I was having a flashback to some tribal memory of times past.

Anyhow, that was the scene that greeted me when I met Dorothy Wright, one of the instigators of the Berwick branch of the Australian Sewing Guild. The Guild, which has branches throughout Australia was created to promote the art and craft of sewing. But judging by my very short experience with the Berwick group it is achieving much much more.

In this discussion with Dorothy we talk about the importance of sewing in peoples lives, the formation of the Guild branch, how the branch operates, and the sewing projects they undertake together and individually. Dorothy also touches on the friendships and support the group provides, particularly for folk who may be lonely, or stay at home mothers craving adult company.

We talk about the entry point for people who may want to start sewing, and really the dollars needed to buy a basic sewing machine are low enough that almost anyone can get involved. And, she tells us where you can ‘try before you buy’ to check if this really is for you before committing.

There are sewing classes to be found in most municipalities, and you are sure to find them on the internet. You can find your nearest branch of the Australian Sewing Guild at

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