Winston Marsh :

How many people have the purpose in life to help everyone with whom they come in contact. Todays guest is one of those rare people. Winston Marsh, known by everyone as Winno. He is a professional speaker and marketer who carved out his own career by shear guts, and has had massive success doing what he loves … helping people.

Winno says that his initial studies as a aeronautical engineer did not satisfy his personality or his purpose. He found his home in marketing and encouraging people to change their thoughts, words or actions. His overriding philosophy is to keep things simple. In marketing this is exemplified by the acronym WIIFM. But you will have to listen to find out what that means.

Winno is past what most people consider retirement age, but he won’t hear the word ‘retirement’ preferring the more positive vibe of ‘lifestyle change’. His lifestyle change has involved downsizing his home, and taking on fewer engagements, but I think his love of people and his profession will simply not let him stop.

Our discussion ranges from his work with Alan Bond on the Americas Cup challenge, to giving up a hundred cigarettes a day and running a marathon. We talk about the people he has met, and the stories and feedback from people who have applied his ideas and change their business or their life. And most importantly we talk about the opportunities that open up when you quit full time work and how you can move toward them.

In particular Winno encourages all of us to point young people toward the ‘Rotary Youth Leadership Award’. He has had a good deal to do with this program and has seen first hand the positive impact it can have on those young lives. You can find out more about the award here :  or by contacting your nearest Rotary Club.

If you would like to contact Winston or check out the wealth of material he has available, you can find all the details at   I absolutely encourage you to explore his website. Whether your interest is personal or business you will find golden nuggets there.  And follow him on Facebook at

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Peace, health and happiness,

Winno’s pooch Millie.


  • Brian Morris says:

    I have Winno’s photo on my wall. Right there with family, because that’s my feeling towards Mr Faaantaaastic. Family! Thank you for the inspiration you’ve shared with me for over 30 years.

  • Mr Fantastic does it again. Just been a great privilege to have known Winno for over 25 years. If you have forgotten what a Statesman is or should sound like or act like or speak like – then you have had a glimpse of one as you have listened to Winston Marsh. Match up Winno’s philosophy with what you hear from our political and media leaders.
    I hope you can tell the difference.

  • Ross Lawrence says:

    A great interview Henry of the marketing guru. Winno has certainly helped me over the years with his sage marketing advice most of which I heard when we were out training to run the marathon Winno mentioned.

  • Winno says:

    Aw shucks Henry I’m red faced with embarrassment ! You say the nicest things. Thank you!

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