Mark Hepworth :

It is strange that seemingly small or random incidents can turn the direction of your life. Mark Hepworth’s friend bought a tandem bike at the pub, when they were teenagers, and changed two lives.

Now in his fifties, Mark has devoted himself to a life of cycling and adventure that few people can match. He has ridden through dozens of countries, raised money for charity and made friendships where ever he went.

As well as discussing his amazing exploits in this show, we talk about the benefits of cycling, particularly as we get older. We talk about the various types of bike and their appropriate uses, as well as his recommendation for folk just getting back to cycling, perhaps after decades in a car.

Australia, like many countries has thousands of kilometres of dedicated bicycle tracks through some of the most magnificent countryside. So if you are wary about the urban cycling scene there is a wide world of exploration very close by.

You may wonder why Mark has ridden the many kilometres and countries. Not by accident. He has a very definite attitude to living life with a ‘purpose’. This is a topic we return to again and again, and one which will certainly resonate when you listen here.

You can find the bicycle store Mark mentions at this website.
Whether you live close or not doesn’t seem to matter as they conduct a monster online business.

Mark has a wealth of knowledge about cycles and the cycling world, and loves talking about its various aspects. So contact him at the store, or leave me a message and I will pas it on to him.

In any event, please leave a message in the reply box below, if you are involved in any aspect of cycling, or if you would like to be. And don’t forget to click the Facebook and Twitter links at the foot of the page, so this inspirational story of cycling can spread.

Peace, health and happiness,

Mark at 30 off round Britain on a charity ride.

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  • Kev says:

    What a fantastic discussion. I have known mark for years, in fact worked with him at a bike shop in mordialloc for many years. He is a true gentleman and an absolute wealth of knowledge, with bicycles and so much more. Never in my life have I ever met someone with such passion and motorvation than I have with mark. So often, I will find myself thinking back to words of wisdom or memorable tales that I have absorbed over the years.
    Kind regards,
    An old friend
    big Kev

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