Danielle Bloodworth :

Look after the most important financial issues and then relax.  Danielle walks me through the five non-negotiable basics for a stress free retirement.

Danielle is a Certified Financial Planner with a passion for discovering the best financial solution for each individuals situation.  She relates in the interview that her greatest regret is that some of her clients know the basics, but fail to take action.

So here is the scoop.  You are going to think “I know all this stuff” when you listen to the interview.  To which I am going to reply … HAVE YOU TAKEN ACTION!!!

The topics we cover are :

Finding happiness and seizing it.

Budgeting.  The elephant in the room.

How much savings do I really need.

How much income is enough when I am retired.

The actions I need to secure peace of mind.

You can download a transcript of this important interview by clicking on the image in the sidebar on the right, and following the prompts.

During the interview we mention the ASIC website. (Australian Securities and Investment Commission).  It is a government website and has a lot of great information .  You can find it through this link  :  www asic .com.au

You can contact Danielle through her email at danielle@wealth500.com.au

Alternatively for more information go to the website www.the500group.com.au and click through to Wealth 500


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