Di Lockwood :

Not everyone can turn their dream to reality. Di Lockwood was a teacher, but had a lifelong love of art and determined to become more involve when she retired. She overachieved.

Di is a print maker. Knowing she wanted to become further involved, she undertook formal study before retiring to extend the breadth of her knowledge. Then as she explains, she convinced her husband to modify their home to accommodate a studio and an art gallery. A not-for-profit art gallery.

In this interview Di explains the objectives of her gallery, and talks about the artists who have displayed their work and the patrons who visit. We discuss a everything from Jackson Pollock’s painting ‘Blue Poles’ to using art as a medium to promote health objectives with refugee women.

At one stage I ask the cheeky question “How do you know if a piece of art is ‘good work,” and Di’s answer is amazing. It goes straight to the oft quoted jibe of “I don’t know anything about art, but I know what I like.” Listen to the show if only for that section.

Her art space is the Libran Dogma Gallery in Narre Warren North, in Victoria, and you can follow what is happening there by checking the Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/groups/librandogma/

If you are involved in the art world, or would like to know more about the gallery or topics in this show, leave a comment in the reply box below. Or contact me directly at henry@retiredexcited.com

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