Diane and Ross Lawrence :

Moving on from farming can be quite traumatic. Today’s guests knew they had to leave their farm as they were getting older and the work was becoming harder. Happily the transition to living in the local town went smoothly, and they are absolutely loving their retirement.

Di and Ross ran a well known and respected deer enterprise in the hills above Warragul in Gippsland. Di admits she is a bit of a house junkie, and she thoroughly enjoyed the move, setting up a new home, and all that went with that. Ross’s only regret was leaving the animals he had been breeding for years, and ensuring they went to good farms.

We discuss the transition, how the move worked, and the activities and business he has in retirement. As a deer farmer he had commenced a sideline selling natural health products he produced on farm. He was concerned about his ongoing customers, so decided to continue the business in retirement, and he is very pleased he took that decision. I will let him explain why.

The business and natural health products are a fascinating story in themselves. There are many take away ideas in this interview. Like Jim Moir in Episode 019, Diane and Ross have been able to extend the experience, contacts and knowledge from their working life into retirement, and it keeps them sharp, engaged and active.

Finally we talk about the importance of health, friends and family. A subject both acknowledge is central to their happiness and well being.

If you would like to contact the Lawrence’s email them at ross@deerfarm.com.au   Their website is www.deerfarm.com.au and they can be found on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/deervelvetantler  If you are interested in the natural health product they produce for pets check http://k9magic.com.au   I encourage you to take a look, and contact Ross or Di about their products. They love talking about them and would welcome your contact.

Please leave a comment in the Reply box below, and let me know if you have had success with natural health products, or any matter discussed in this show.

All the best, and keep happy and healthy,


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  • John French says:

    Hi Ross and Diane

    What a wonderful insight into a small specialised farming enterprise.
    Ross and Di proved that deer farming was not only an interesting business venture, but a challenging one that proved very successful.

    Very good luck to them both in their future endeavours . The product from deer antler has obviously been of great benefit, not only for humans but all breeds of dogs . Continue to enjoy your retirement with the freedom and flexibility that Ross mentions in the podcast.

    Cheers. John French

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