Kathe with podcast legend John Lee Dumas.

Kathe Kline :

It is counter-intuitive isn’t it. A financial advisor who appreciates that there is more to retirement than your finances. After a long and successful career as a professional financial advisor, Kathe recognised that it was not necessarily her wealthy clients who were enjoying life after work.

In this discussion we follow Kathe’s journey from being a stressed out professional advisor to selling off part of her business so she could concentrate on serving clients where she could do the most good.

I particularly wanted to talk to Kathe about her highly successful RockYourRetirement.com podcast and FaceBook community. I am, of course naturally drawn to Kathe because her podcast has very similar in objective to RetiredExcited.com. Whereas I focus on the hobbies and activities of happy retirees, Rock Your Retirement casts its net more broadly discussing not just activities, but also the physical and psychological issues which are so important after full time work..

I urge you to go to RockYourRetirement.com and look through the amazing list of guests Kathe has interviewed. From there have a look at the the community Kathe is building at Facebook.com/RockYourRetirement and get involved in the discussion. You will be very glad you did.

Let me know your thoughts on Kathe’s Facebook group in the Reply box below. If you would like to contact me directly simply email henry@retiredexcited.com

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The “treadmill desk” that keeps Kathe fit.


  • Kathe Kline says:

    Henry, you know I love your podcast! It keeps getting better and better.

    Here is a link to the group site if anyone wants to be part of our fun interactive group:
    (The site listed above is actually the site’s PAGE which isn’t very interactive. The group is more fun!)

    I can’t wait to listen to your next show! The one on the doggies is on my list to listen to next.

    • Henry says:

      Thanks for the comment Kathe,

      I have put the link to the Rock Your Retirement Community in the text above also, and heartily recommend that everyone go check it out, and get involved.

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