Tim Stansmore :

This guest is very strange. Tim operated the foremost ‘Cattery” in Victoria and maybe Australia for ten years. And yet …. he is allergic to cats. He calls it the Taj Mahal of catteries, catering for every whim of their doting owners, from diabetic diets to placing the owners photograph near the beloved puss, or ‘fur person’ so it would not be lonely.

Tim has some hilarious stories about those ten years of hard work and the people he met along the way. But now that he has retired he is free to exercise his passion for motor vehicles.

We discuss the cars and bikes he has collected. The restoration work he has undertaken so lovingly on the best of them, and the pitfalls that can trap even an experienced car aficionado. Theoretically Tim buys and restores cars that appeal to him with the view of trading them again for a small profit. It’s a great plan unless you become attached to the project and can’t bear to part with the vehicle when it is complete.

Tim’s stories include unexpectedly selling a car on the way home after buying it, to the astonishment of his wife, and his choice of the best vehicle he has owned. The photos on the page are a selection of his current stable. Top is his T Model Ford, then an A Model Ford, and at the bottom an AJS motorcycle. The AJS is the reason Tim is on crutches in the main photo.

If you are even a bit mechanical it seems to me this is an excellent pursuit in retirement. Classic motorcycles in particular had very simple mechanics, and there is plenty of information and support on almost any model of any brand of car or bike out there.

Leave me a comment in the Reply box below if you can identify with Tim, either in the cat world, or his love of cars and bikes.

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  • Diane Lawrence says:

    Really enjoyed listening to this episode. Keep up the great interviews Henry. Thank you

  • Henry Rokx says:

    So why the cutches?

    • Henry says:

      Hi Henry Rokx,
      He was kick starting his beautiful restored AJS bike and the kickstart lever went through compression and straight to the bottom with all his weight on it. He already had a reconstructed knee in that leg, and the bone between the hip and knee split lengthways.

      He had a very large plate put in to hold it all together, but in the true spirit of motorcycle riders he is not sooking or complaining.

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