Jean Hamey :

Well, I was on holiday and visited a tourist attraction to learn about Carob, and what do I find? A most amazing woman! Jean Hamey and her husband Ian operate Carobana, which is a factory manufacturing Carob coated confectionary.

For those who have never seen carob, it is a large seed pod which is harvested from the carob tree. The seeds are removed and the pod is dried and powdered. Jean explains the rest of the process in the interview.

Back to Jean … I asked her if she would mind being interviewed, and she readily agreed. Jean and her husband Ian carried on the enterprise after her in-laws past away, and have weathered good times and bad to build a successful manufacturing, retail and tourism business. Much of the interview focuses on the development of the enterprise, and Jean’s unique business skills.

Jean and Ian have a practical, and methodical attitude to the business. Ian has built much of the machinery, and persistence and hard work have produced a steady growth which has resulted in the success Carobana is today.

But the story really comes alight when I ask Jean what she is going to do after her imminent retirement. She explodes with a rush of activities and ideas I could not have foreseen. She is a published author of craft books, writes children stories for the family, does book-binding, and a whole lot more.

This is a great story. A love story really. It speaks of Jean’s love for her husband Ian, her love of creativity, and her love for the people who work for her and the visitors to Carobana.

The website for Carobana, where you will be able to purchase their delicious confectionery is
Jeans simpler instruction books about quilling are also to be found on the same website.

Her other books are Quilling for Beginners, Quilling the Desert in Bloom, Quilling Australian Native Flowers and Quilling Beauties of the Bush.  These books may be available at a good book store, or are on Amazon. Here is a link to “Beauties of the Bush.”

I simply lucked in coming across Jean, and having this interview.

Peace, health and happiness,



  • Kathe Kline says:

    I live in the USA and had never heard of quilling before this episode. Thanks so much for sharing! I loved it!

    • Henry says:

      Thanks Kathe,
      The nice thing about quilling is anyone can have a go. You can be any age, tall or short, male or female, and you don’t need to be fit.

  • “Do what makes your heart sing” is a great mantra. Jean has worked out a core recipe for this: love of people, of learning and of creativity, not just profits! Thanks for sharing her story!

    • Henry says:

      Thanks Alan,
      It is a great story of struggle and overcoming hardship, without losing her humanity. She truly is an amazing lady.

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