Leda Sant :

This is what happens when you put men or women and motorbikes together.  A strange thing comes over them and they become fanatical.  My guest, Leda Sant certainly did, she learned to ride later in life, had a couple of very good mentors, and has become an excellent and safe rider committed to the sport, and helps others to enjoy the freedom and exhilaration motorcycling brings.

In this episode we discuss Leda’s life leading up to retirement.  Her attitude to stopping work and her activities in the motorcycling world.  As you will find out, Leda is a force of nature.

During the interview Leda mentioned that men’s brains were in boxes, which caused me to say buzzz.  Ninety nine percent of you will probably be wondering what that is all about.  It comes from a hilarious and inciteful YouTube clip about the difference between men and women.  Here is the link, I guarantee you will like it.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3XjUFYxSxDk

If you think motorcycling is something you would like to explore, here are some links.

Ullysses Club  :  http://www.ulyssesclub.org/

Motorcycle safety information.  I learned a heap from this site.  :  http://www.msgroup.org/default.aspx

For clubs in your area just search ‘motorcycle club + your suburb’ in Google or Facebook.  Social motorbike clubs will always welcome new members and help inexperienced riders find their feet.

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