Jim Moir :

It is reasonable to ask, “Why would you jump out of a perfectly good aeroplane?”  Well Jim used to parachute to compete and for fun.  He says he retired because he was too old for competition …. the youngsters were thrashing him.

But he has worked out how to redirect the skills and experience built up over decades, into a continued involvement in the sport he loves.

In this episode of Retired Excited we follow Jim’s progress in life and parachuting, from beginner to competitor to champion and instructor.  He explains how he used down to earth techniques to mentor his wife from parachuting novice to champion in under two years.

We discuss the sport as it is in 2016, the innovations in equipment and techniques, and how folks of any age living in Melbourne, can experience the heart stopping exhilaration of flying. Really.

But here is the good stuff.  Jim talks about how folk involved in any endevour, can use the skills developed early,  to illuminate life in their retirement.  When questioned why you would want to stay involved, Jim’s immediate answer is … for the camaraderie !

During the interview Jim mentions flying with a wing suit.  If you have never seen this, here is a YouTube video to get you excited, or make you shake your head in horror.

Click this link to watch the short video.    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WRqnTODwvEA

Can you apply Jim’s suggestion of extending your hard won experience into your retirement?  Let us know with a comment in the reply box below.

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