Rod and Tina Holt :

After a lifetime of hard physical work, Rod and Tina took to the road in a caravan to explore Australia.  Rod is a fiercely independent person, and perhaps more than most people, he enjoys the freedom and stress free nature of the open road.

Starting with short exploratory trips to acquaint themselves with the quirks of caravan life, he and his wife Tina then broadened their horizons to every corner of Australia.

Here we get to the bottom of common questions for people starting out on the traveling life.  Issues like how to choose the right van, the important features to look for, where he keeps his van between trips, how to keep safe out there on the road, and the pleasures of the road to anywhere you darn well please.

You are going to hear how Rod took control of his life at an early stage, and how this allowed him and his wife Tina the opportunity to design a life more suited to their priorities than the “get a good education and a job for life” plan.  For Rod it is all about the freedom, the people he has met and the wide expanses beyond the city limits.

Leave a comment in the reply box below if you can relate to Rod and Tina, or let us know about people you have met and places you have gone traveling the road in a van.

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  • Tania Filippone says:

    Thank you Henry for an interesting interview. I personally am not the camping or caravaning type of person as we grew up enjoying the more comfortable luxuries of a holiday, yet the interview gave us an insight or rather the excitement associated with that kind of travel. It covered all the advantages and enjoyments related to a relaxing form of a holiday to the point where it spurs you on to try it. Happy times ahead for these adventurers.

  • Anonymous says:

    Hi Henry just listened to the whole interview with Rod and enjoyed it very much. Great advice on preparing for caravaning, Once you get the bug its very addictive to go travelling. Just goes to show that retirement doesn’t mean you stop living – you just start doing the things you enjoy.

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