Janella Hodgson :

There are things in the world that most folks just don’t think about. Maybe till it is too late. Janella records the life stories of people as they approach the end of their life. Maybe they are terminally ill, or simply aged and worn out.

She is a volunteer for Eastern Palliative Care. An organization that provides all kinds of services, from home and nursing care to recording and transcribing the stories of young and older folk alike, who have moved beyond medical help.

In this fascinating interview you are not going to hear about individuals. The privacy of her clients and their families outguns every other consideration. You are going to be let in to the reason people want their story told, their motivation, their reactions, and why Janella wanted to be a voluntary biographer.

Interestingly, for the biographer a successful outcome for their work is not necessarily a published biography, nor is that the over-riding purpose of this program. But you are going to have to listen to the interview to sort that out.

Eastern Palliative Care are always looking for more biographers. They provide effective guidelines and comprehensive training to their volunteers to ensure their clients are safe and respected. This is obviously not something that appeals to the masses, but if you are one of those special people with empathy and a few skills, you can find more information by clicking on the link below and working your way to ‘Volunteers’ which you will find under the ‘Supporting EPC’ tag in the menu.

Just click here : http://www.eastpallcare.asn.au/

If you would like to contact me directly you can email : henry@retiredexcited.com

Let me know your reaction to this program by leaving a comment in the ‘Reply’ box below. Is this the type of activity you can see yourself getting involved in, and if not, why not.

Peace, health and happiness,


  • Antonio says:

    One of the most rewarding podcasts I have EVER had the great fortune to enjoy. Ms. Hobson was wonderfully entertaining, insightful, philosophical, honest and did absolute justice to the memory of her clients. This changed me a little bit.

    I took me about 4 hours or longer to listen to on my iphone because I kept carefully replaying to squeeze every bit of wisdom from the guest’s words. Ofcourse, her accent was a little different.

    Thank you so much.

    Tony Vazquez, MD

  • Kathe Kline says:

    What a wonderful program! I don’t think that we have that here in San Diego, (USA- California), but I’m going to check it out. Thank you for sharing.

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