Rob Anderson :

If you go to sea at fifteen, by sixty five you will have seen and learned a few things. Rob certainly has.

This is not a typical episode because I got sidetracked, and we didn’t talk about what Rob is doing in retirement. But we did have a hilarious discussion about his experiences as the Captain or First Mate of the various ships he has been on.

Experiences like towing oil rigs, doing duty as the medical officer, burials at sea, and a story about what happens when you are shaving without any clothes on while travelling in rough seas. I challenge you to guess how that turned out. There were plenty of other stories but I could not put them to air.

In the later part of the show we talk about the times Rob was the Captain of the Sea Shepherd ship the “Steve Irwin”. Sea Shepherd is the organization whose ships deliberately challenge the Japanese whaling fleet while they slaughter hundreds of whales in the name of scientific research. It was at this point that Rob became seriously serious.

The photos in the side bar show firstly, one of the specially built ships designed to operate in rough seas, then Rob looking a bit thuggish, and finally the two ships operated by Sea Shepherd.

If conservation on land or sea interests you Greenpeace can be found on the net at The Sea Shepherd website is where you fill find ways to get involved in their activities, a link to be able to donate to the cause and a place to purchase Sea Shepherd items. Rob mentions that you can go on board the “Steve Irwin” when it is in dock at Williamstown, talk to the folks, and maybe arrange to sail with them if appropriate.

If you have been involved in the conservation movement, on either side of the debate, leave a message in the reply box below to join a discussion. Certainly leave me a message if you enjoyed this interview. I can be reached at


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