Greg Waddell :

Maybe you simply want less garden, or down deep you want a new life. Whatever the motive, whether downsizing your home, your waistline or your mortgage, first … work out your priorities.

Greg and Robin moved houses because they could see that maintenance was going to be an issue, and because they simply felt like a change. They sound like really good reasons to me.

Greg and I go through the mechanics of how the move played out for him. We discuss the motivation and the catalyst which precipitated the move, the sequence of events, the sale of his home and search for a new place. And all the intricacies that you have to bring together to make the transition smooth and minimise stress.

This show has turned out to be almost a primer on moving house, as we cover a lot of ground, a lot of issues and the do’s and don’ts of making it happen. Greg had a couple of great fundamental bits of advice which you will hear over and over again as we delve in to the subject. But I will leave those for you to check out as you listen to the show.

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If you have downsized, or simply moved house, you can leave tips and advice for other listeners in the box below.



The previous high maintenance house.
New easy to look after, light bright home.

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