Robin Tunbridge :

You’ve probably never heard of an “Independant Visitor For Youth Justice”.  I certainly hadn’t before this show.  But Robin decided to take on that responsibility when she retired.  Why did she trick me?  Because I went to interview her about a very different topic, but she turned me round!

Robin intuitively knew that it was important to replace the routine of her working life with meaningful activity.  And she wanted to explore new fields to expand her horizons.  Not the mindset you normally associate with a retiree.

Robin explains how she found this new role, what it entails and why she loves it.  She has transitioned the experiences of her working life to use them in a different arena.  Brilliant!

If you listen carefully, you appreciate that this kind hearted woman’s first priority is her family, and then her role giving to society through involvement in juvenile justice.

Leave a comment in the box below and let me know if there are avenues other than prison to try and rehabilitate kids who have done seriously serious bad things, or if you think that is an impossible dream.



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