The First Episode :

Away we go with a short first episode of Retired Excited where I invite you to my world of retirement, and let you know what to expect in future sessions.

In my experience many people are fearful of retiring.  They look forward to stopping full time work, but have no idea how it is all going to play out after that.  So the aim is to provide inspiration for every one of my listeners to have an excellent retirement.

Many people who retire, and particularly those who ‘get retired’, have no plan for the future.  During their working life they had a ‘purpose’ which has now dissolved, so focus and meaning need to be reestablished.

We are going to look at the options and see how happy retired people are creating their lives.  I shall interview regular people, not necessarily high fliers and find out what they are doing, and what gets them up excited every morning.  There will not be much emphasis on financial matters as there is a plethora of voices on the net spruiking that topic.

My own story is fairly simple.  I come from a normal family.  My parents struggled to establish themselves in Australia, having migrated here from Europe after the second world war.  Although they were doing it tough, they put my brother and I through school, and gave us the best start they could.

I have had a variety of jobs and businesses throughout life and am now fully retired and living with ‘She Who Must Be Obeyed’ in a suburb of Melbourne, Australia.

So the theme is … there is lots to do, lots to occupy us retirees, lots to learn, and a world of fun and comradeship to be enjoyed.

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