A Brilliant Podcast Exploring The Exciting Hobbies, Community Activities, Sports And Passions Of Happy And Fulfilled Retirees.


Hi Folks,

Here we interview people loving their retirement, doing the things they have dreamed of all their working life.  We hear about their passions, their activities, their concerns and their joy.

We also interview ‘experts’ to understand issues and common concerns in retirement, and make sure we take care of the fundamentals.

The latest shows are in the sidebar on this page.  If you go to the podcast link in the menu you will find all the others.

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PS : Yes, that’s me in the embarrassing photo above on the right.

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025 : Meet A Financial Advisor Who Says … Money Isn’t Everything

| Finance, Hobby, Personal | No Comments
Kathe with podcast legend John Lee Dumas. Kathe Kline : It is counter-intuitive isn’t it. A financial advisor who appreciates that there is more to retirement than your finances. After...

024 : From The “Taj Mahal” Of Catteries To Restoring Classic Cars

| Hobby, Personal | 2 Comments
Tim Stansmore : This guest is very strange. Tim operated the foremost ‘Cattery” in Victoria and maybe Australia for ten years. And yet …. he is allergic to cats. He...

023 : A Chance Encounter Rekindled The Dream To Fly

| Hobby, Personal | 2 Comments
Peter Glover : Some people retire once, Peter did it twice. The first was planned, an injury precipitated the second, but there was an upside. Time on his hands allowed...