A Brilliant Podcast Exploring The Exciting Hobbies, Community Activities, Sports And Passions Of Happy And Fulfilled Retirees.


Hi Folks,

Here we interview people loving their retirement, doing the things they have dreamed of all their working life.  We hear about their passions, their activities, their concerns and their joy.

We also interview ‘experts’ to understand issues and common concerns in retirement, and make sure we take care of the fundamentals.

The latest shows are in the sidebar on this page.  If you go to the podcast link in the menu you will find all the others.

Peace, health and happiness,


PS : Yes, that’s me in the embarrassing photo above on the right.

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030 : An Infatuation With Gowns And Dresses And Simpler Times

| Community, Hobby, Personal | No Comments
Dorothy Nicol : What started out as a hobby with a purpose, became an obsession. Dorothy has lived most of her life in the small town of Lismore in Victoria...

029 : A Passion For Art And Fostering Emerging Artists

| Community, Hobby, Personal | No Comments
Di Lockwood : Not everyone can turn their dream to reality. Di Lockwood was a teacher, but had a lifelong love of art and determined to become more involve when...

028 : Moving Off Farm But Keeping A Sideline

| Business, Personal | One Comment
Diane and Ross Lawrence : Moving on from farming can be quite traumatic. Today's guests knew they had to leave their farm as they were getting older and the work...